Linnanmäki, Helsinki

The amusement park of Helsinki is called Linnanmäki and has been opened in 1950 by a foundation (the Children’s Day Foundation) that collects money for child welfare work. So with every rollercoaster ride you do, you’re doing something good! Linnanmäki consists of around fifty rides, including eight rollercoasters, a panoramic free-fall tower and lots of restaurants.

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Korkeasaari zoo, Helsinki

I’ve visited many zoological gardens around the world but Korkeasaari is one of the best! The zoo of Helsinki is located on an island and that doubles the fun: you could take the bridge for sure, but best let the adventure start already at the harbor with a nice boat trip towards the island. On your way you can also observe the fleet of icebreaker ships anchoring near the city center.

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Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), Helsinki

The city of Helsinki has an own art collection which consists of 9,000 works. A lot of them are on display in public places, a concept I really like. The rest of them can be found at the Helsinki Art Museum (or short: HAM). Part of the presented works is a permanent exhibition of paintings by Tove Jansson whom we all mostly know as the creator of the Moomins. As she was born and died in Helsinki, the HAM takes care of her legacy.

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Kaivopuisto, Helsinki

Need some time to relax? Kaivopuisto is a park in the south of Helsinki, behind the modern harbor. From the rocks in the park you have good views on the islands in front of the mainland. There is a small observatory and you can find different restaurants. But mostly the people get here for a walk, for a picknick or to play and do sports.

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SkyWheel, Helsinki

You can’t miss the giant ferris wheel located at the harbor of Helsinki, Finland. It was opened in 2014, is 40 meters tall and the round trip with excellent views of the harbor area and the Senaatintori square takes around three minutes (with a total time of twelve minutes per visit). Two of the cabins have special features: one has a glass floor for the brave and one is sauna for those who like it hot.

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Russian cathedral

Uspenski cathedral, Helsinki

Right next to the harbor of Helsinki you can find the beautiful Russian-orthodox Uspenskin katedraali on a hill. It is built from 700,000 red bricks which gives the church a unique look and its roof contains thirteen cupolas. The cathedral was consecrated in 1868 and is one of the largest Russian-orthodox churches in the western world. And it has all the richness you would expect from a Russian-orthodox church.

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HelsinkiCard, Helsinki

When you visit Helsinki you should consider buying a HelsinkiCard from your hotel. It is available for one to three days and gives you free access to public transport and all major sights. It is nothing for people sleeping long and having a relaxed day; but if you like to really explore the city and you’re interested in the museums it can save you a lot of money.

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This is the end

Sunrise Avenue, Olympiastadion, Helsinki

I can’t estimate how many times I sang the song Fairytale Gone Bad by the Finnish band Sunrise Avenue on SingStar (remember the karaoke game on PlayStation?). It is one of the two songs I’m able to perform quite acceptable (with the other one being Du schreibst Geschichte by the German Indie Rock band Madsen). But I had also heard songs like Hollywood Hills, Heartbreak Century or Thank You For Everything numerous times on radio.

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