Reserva Natural Miraflor, Estelí

The Área Protegida Miraflor northeast of Estelí, Nicaragua, is on the one hand a nature protection zone with beautiful forests and on the other hand an area of rural farming. Not too many tourists find their way on the non-paved roads to this special area of the country. Temperatures are different to those in the lower regions, infrastructure is less good – but therefore you can experience the rural life and try the products produced here.

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Ojos lindos

Finca Lindos Ojos, La Cebollal

The Finca Lindos Ojos is located at the Miraflor Natural Reserve northeast of Estelí, Nicaragua. That is up in the mountains with sometimes rather cold temperatures, but also with beautiful forests and amazing nature. Nearest village is La Cebollal and in this area different fincas exist that welcome tourists. Lindos Ojos is special, as the three houses have been built in the style of northern Germany. It is not only the horseheads on the roof and the style of half-timbered houses, also inside you’ll see pictures of different regions in Germany. Why is that?

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