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The Finca Lindos Ojos is located at the Miraflor Natural Reserve northeast of Estelí, Nicaragua. That is up in the mountains with sometimes rather cold temperatures, but also with beautiful forests and amazing nature. Nearest village is La Cebollal and in this area different fincas exist that welcome tourists. Lindos Ojos is special, as the three houses have been built in the style of northern Germany. It is not only the horseheads on the roof and the style of half-timbered houses, also inside you’ll see pictures of different regions in Germany. Why is that?

Katharina, the owner of the finca, came with her husband to the region as volunteers after the revolution of 1979. When local farmers needed a credit because of a poor harvest they’ve helped out. After the second bad year the farmers went to the US and instead of paying back the credit they’ve given her their soil. As they were coming from Seesen, Germany, they’ve given their finca a German touch. And when her husband had to spontaneously give the farm a name for official records he referenced to the beautiful eyes of his wife.

Finca Lindos Ojos, La Cebollal
Finca Lindos Ojos, La Cebollal

You would typically get to this region and to the finca Lindos Ojos for hiking in the forest or for horseback riding. The finca is operated by a Nicaraguan family that can help you to organize these things. And they are able to sell you some milk from the cows on the farm or some artisan cheese: there is no supermarket up here, so you need to collect some food from the farms around you to prepare breakfast and dinner. But don’t worry: there is a pulperia just 150 meters afar, next to it is a bar (Finca Ometepe Island) and just around the corner there is a ‘restaurant’ (the Finca Fuente de Vida).

Staying at the Finca Lindos Ojos was very pleasant: we didn’t do too much. A bit of cooking, a bit of hiking through the forests. Some horseback riding, some cow milking. Observing leaf cutter ants building giant homes and highways. Sitting on lianas. Petting the cute dogs and newborn cats. Playing soccer and baseball with the kids of the neighborhood. Very much enjoyable!

Finca Lindos Ojos
La Cebollal / Estelí


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