Kunsthalle, Bielefeld

The Kunsthalle of Bielefeld is a surprisingly large exhibition hall with a special style: it was built in 1968 in International Style (a modernist architecture style developed in the 1920/30s) by architect Philip Johnson from the United States. It is the only building in Europe designed by him. The Kunsthalle is an art exhibition hall with changing exhibitions, but it also owns an art collection from the 20th century.

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Sparrenburg, Bielefeld

A high tower, strong fortification walls and casemates cut deep into the 180 meters high Sparrenberg mountain: the Sparrenburg is the most important and most visited sight of Bielefeld. It was built until the year 1250 CE to protect the passage through the Teutoburg Forest in which the city of Bielefeld is located in. The castle was continuously altered over time and adopted to technology changes in warfare.

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Schlichte Hof

Schlichte Hof, Bielefeld

The Schlichte Hof is an ancient guesthouse from the year 1492 at Bielefeld, Germany. Within the half-timbered house you will find a hotel with few rooms and a good restaurant serving traditional dishes of Westphalia. But this place seems to be mostly known for family events and especially wedding parties. The former horse stable offers enough space on two levels for many guests.

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