Cathedral de la Almudena

The Cathedral de Santa María de la Almudena is quite a surprising roman-catholic church at Madrid, Spain: plans for this church exist since the 16th century, construction works started in the 19th century – but it was only finished in 1993. Therefore this church looks very modern inside and the style of the church was adopted over time to fit to the surrounding buildings (that for sure changed since the 16th century).

Originally planned in gothic revival style it finally became a neoclassical building; like the Palacio Real next to it. In 2004 the Cathedral de la Almudena was used for a royal wedding for the first time – but as the Spanish royal family seems to be not so much in the focus of the rest of the world it isn’t as well known as Westminster Abbey. ‘Almudena’ by the way is another reference to the time of the moors – it comes from the Arabic word ‘al-mudayna‘ meaning citadel.

Cathedral de Santa María de la Almudena
Calle de Bailén, 10
28013 Madrid

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