When you’re at Rīga, Latvia you will experience the Daugava river as a mighty and wide stream located near the city center and dividing the old town from the newer parts of the city. You need to cross it to go to the airport, the botanical garden or – by train – if you want to visit Jūrmala. The river is 1020 kilometers long, begins in Russia and passes through Belorussia and Latvia to the gulf of Rīga where it floats into the Baltic sea.

If you want to get close to the water: next to the Centrāltirgus there is an underpass that lets you cross the road next to the water and brings you to a nice path along the water with an anchoring platform for ships and places to sit down and look on the water. From there you can also catch a glimpse of the iconic TV tower of Rīga (which is shaped like a tripod and reminded me on the Kugelbake nautic sign at Cuxhaven, Germany).


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