Botāniskais dārzs

I like visiting botanical gardens while travelling around the world. It’s about relaxation, having a nice walk through a park, seeing wonderful plants and often the chance to have a look at exotic plants in greenhouses. The botanical garden (botāniskais dārzs) of Rīga, Latvia offers all of these, but has another nice feature: a house full of butterflies. There you can walk around in tropical atmosphere and watch those beautiful animals.

The botanical garden of Rīga is a medium size garden which is in some parts currently empty and in restoration. It is not the most beautiful garden I’ve seen so far, but it is worth a visit not only because of the butterflies – the greenhouses host large palm trees, succulents and also tropical plants.

The botanical garden dates back to the year 1922 and is 15 hectares large. It is located on the other side of the Daugava river if you stay at the city center. Different tramways and busses bring you there and it is only a short ride.

Botāniskais dārzs
Botanical garden
Kandavas iela 2
Kurzemes rajons
Rīga, LV-1083

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