The Freibad Weende at the city quarter Weende belonging to Göttingen, Germany was the outdoor swimming pool of my childhood. Our garden was nearby, for many years I had a season ticket and went here many times. Then it came to age and had to be refurbished – and it changed its character during this process.

The pool size was dramatically reduced but the 10 meters high jumping tower and the fun slide could be kept. Now it is a park with a playground open to the public and an outdoor swimming pool at the center. Now you can climb a wall next to the pool and play in the mud. It was adjusted to today’s needs but the swimmers dislike that half of the swimming lanes are lost.

What is really nice is the new bakery, bar and restaurant created on the grounds of the Freibad (now called Parkbad). The Strandhaus37 belongs to the bakery chain Küster and in the front of the building you can buy rolls and cake. Next to that you can find a nice coffee bar in a fantastic design. In the back there is a restaurant serving Tapas and other food from regions of the world that have beaches.

You can also sit outside where they created a beach atmosphere by tons of sand. If you get one floor up you’ll find a meeting room that associations can book and an outdoor roof terrace with sand, bar and good views on the outdoor pool. It is a fantastic concept and being there is absolutely nice.

Strandhaus37 / Bäckerei Küster
Freibad Weende / Parkbad Weende
Am Weendespring 1a
37077 Göttingen

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