The Nieme is a 16 kilometers long river starting in the Bramwald near Varlosen and running into river Weser near Bursfelde, Hann. Münden, Germany. It then runs through a wonderful valley and sometimes cuts deep into the landscape. At its end the section has been changed by humans multiple times and has now been brought back to its natural look.

If you want to walk along the Nieme you can do so on hiking paths at both sides of the river. You can even combine this to a round trip that you can start at Bursfelde or at one of the parking areas along the narrow road through the valley. I prefer to start at the parking area at approximately one third of the valley coming from Bursfelde.

There the small river Rehbach cuts deep into the earth and creates a nice atmosphere. It is also a place where you can play very good at the flat river. Check out the map of the Naturpark Münden linked below – it shows how a round course could look like.

Bursfelde, Hann. Münden

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