Nieme & Weser

There are many reasons to get to Bursfelde belonging to Hann. Münden, Germany: the fantastic cloister, the nice breakfast at the Klostermühle and the nice path along river Nieme through its valley. If you just want a short walk you should try the Klaus-Bahlsen-Pfad around the cloister.

The path is maintained by the Naturpark Münden and shows you how the Nieme river was freed from human ‘corrections’. The river was once running naturally into a side arm of the river Weser which is dried out. Later the water flow was artificially changed and 40 smaller dams were hindering the natural flow. In 1997 a project changed this and made the Nieme a normal small river again.

If you want to walk the short Klaus-Bahlsen-Pfad you can start at the old oak close to the Klostermühle. You’ll first see the Weser and a jetty from which you can watch the river more closely. From there we had the chance to observe a kingfisher – I never saw them in the wild before. Two bridges then lead you over the Nieme and you can see the small river as well as the cloister from different angles.

Next to the road and bike path some signs explain what was done here in 1997 and along the road you can walk back to the old oak. A nice small path that can be ideally visited in connection with the other sights of this tiny village.

Bursfelde, Hann. Münden

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