Paris Hotel

Paris Hotel, Երևան

The Paris Hotel at Երևան, Armenia, is a very good four-star hotel just a few meters afar from Republic square. The rooms are quite large and I even had a balcony (which I found unusual inside an inner-city). It is a high-class hotel but not exaggerated; I felt really well there. Breakfast is served on the 12th floor where you can also get dinner and drinks in the evening hours.

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Zvartnots International Airport, Երևան

The international airport of Երևան, Armenia (EVN), is called Zvartnots because it is located in a municipality with that name 10 kilometres west of Երևան. The location is known for a special church from the 7th century and the airport is designed after the shape of that church. It was opened in 1961 and the newest terminal was opened in 2007. It has only one runway but it looks really modern and is well-organized.

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