The international airport of Երևան, Armenia (EVN), is called Zvartnots because it is located in a municipality with that name 10 kilometres west of Երևան. The location is known for a special church from the 7th century and the airport is designed after the shape of that church. It was opened in 1961 and the newest terminal was opened in 2007. It has only one runway but it looks really modern and is well-organized.

I was wondering a little bit about the rather intense check of my passport – but it was accepted and I was friendly welcomed to Armenia. As I was arriving after midnight I had organized in advance to be brought from the airport to the hotel and that was easy, good and reliable. Already while I was searching for my baggage I received a WhatsApp message from the driver and felt well-informed. If you want to get here from western Europe you will most often need a connection flight via Moscow, Russia.

Zvartnots International Airport (EVN)
Զվարթնոց Միջազգային Օդակայան
Երևան, Հայաստան
Yerevan, Armenia

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