National Polytechnic Museum, София

It is a bit hidden and located in an unusual area of София, but once you’ve found the National Polytechnic Museum you can enjoy strolling through the small exhibition of ancient and modern technologies. The museum was founded in 1957 and owns 22,000 exhibits – but only a small fraction (1,000 pieces) can be shown. While taking the tour you’re slowly advancing through the history of mankind; starting with mills and glass production, ending with smartphones and wearable devices.

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Lev, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is part of the European Union but doesn’t have the Euro yet. The currency is the Bulgarian Lev (plural Leva; code BGN). Lev means lion and one lev is divided into 100 stotinki. The exchange rate of Lev to Euro is 1.95583 – a magical number for all Germans, a strange number I’ll never forget in my life. It was the exchange rate of Deutsche Mark to Euro. As the Lev was initially bound to the Deutsche Mark, it has the same exchange rate.

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NDK, София

When you’re following the Vitosha boulevard of София to the south you’ll end up at an impressive building surrounded by a large park: the National Palace of Culture (or short NDK). It was inaugurated in 1981 to celebrate the 1,300th anniversary of the official acceptance of Bulgaria as an independent state. The NDK is a giant culture and conference center with eight levels, 13 halls and 123,000 sq meters of space for events.

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Les Fleurs

Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel, София

If you like to stay in the heart of the city, the boutique hotel Les Fleurs at София is a good choice. It is located directly at the boulevard Vitosha and it is conveniently reachable on foot from the Serdika metro station. Since the rise of the shopping centers in Bulgaria this main pedestrian street offers still some shops, but mostly restaurants and coffee bars.

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Летище София

Летище, София

The airport of София (SOF) is the most important airport of Bulgaria and located in the east of the capital city. It was opened in 1935 and today more than 6 million passengers use it every year. SOF operates with one runway and two terminals; terminal 2 is the modern one. Between the two terminals a free shuttle bus operates which is important, as next to terminal 2 you’ll find the metro station which is the easiest way to reach the city center.

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