Deutsches Salzmuseum

Deutsches Salzmuseum, Lüneburg

Did you know that Lüneburg became rich because of the salt underneath the city? It is said that while hunting a wild boar appeared who was covered in salt. By that the people found out about the salt that was washed out by ground water. They pumped this so called brine to the surface, distributed it with wooden pipes throughout the city, cooked it in large pans and thereby recovered the white gold.

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View from Wasserturm, Lüneburg

Where to find the best views on the city of Lüneburg, Germany? A brilliant option is the Wasserturm, an old water reservoir created in 1907 which was used until 1986. The technology inside was removed and the building is now protected as a cultural heritage. If you buy a ticket you can take an elevator to the top of the 56 meters high tower (okay, there is a little amount of steps that you still have to take) and enjoy the city from up above.

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