Where to find the best views on the city of Lüneburg, Germany? A brilliant option is the Wasserturm, an old water reservoir created in 1907 which was used until 1986. The technology inside was removed and the building is now protected as a cultural heritage. If you buy a ticket you can take an elevator to the top of the 56 meters high tower (okay, there is a little amount of steps that you still have to take) and enjoy the city from up above.

Additionally you’ll find a nice museum inside focusing on – how could it be any different – water. Here you can learn about the importance of water supply for a city and how it was realized in the past. And you can learn more about your personal connection to water and the impact of your water usage. The tower is also used for smaller concerts and the civil registration office uses this place so that you can marry your beloved in this unique location.

Am Wasserturm 3
21335 Lüneburg


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