Burg Heiligenberg

Burg Heiligenberg, Gensungen, Felsberg

Once you climbed up the Heiligenberg mountain you can understand why already during the Iron Age humans used this place to build a fortification. It is a nearly 400 meters high basaltic mountain and the first castle was built here between 1180 and 1186 CE. Today you can visit the remaining walls, a well-preserved gate, you can use one of the many places to sit down for a picnic or climb up onto the short tower to enjoy good views on the city Felsberg.

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Felsburg, Felsberg

It is absolutely impossible to overlook the castle Felsburg at Felsberg, Germany. It sits on a basaltic cone next to the city and is nearly 30 meters high. First mentioned in the year 1060 CE it was built to protect the strategically important passage through river Eder which was part of an important inner-German trade channel. The castle is in good shape and you can climb up on different paths to take a look at it.

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