When the people of Göttingen leave their homes for an extended walk, they most often go to the Kehr, the surrounding forest, the Kerstlingeröder Feld, or the Kiessee. But many people also prefer to spend their time in the south of the city, very often close to the Flütewehr. There a dam redirects river Leine to the east, leaving only a small stream called Flüte who passes the Kiessee. They dam can be used to cross the river and close-by dogs can swim in the water. As the newest addition a biotope with zebus has been created.

Financed by the local company Sartorius, producing pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment and under coordination of the nature protection organization Heinz-Sielmann-Stiftung a wetland has been created. More than a million Euros went into the construction of this protected area around river Leine. Now you can climb on a bird observation platform and search for the more than 100 different species of birds living there. On the other side of the river a platform over a lake gives you additional insight. And all around a herd of indicine cattle, zebus, typically living on the Indian sub-continent is roaming the fields. Can you spot them all?

Biotop Flütewehr

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