The Kiessee

Once it was a gravel pit, now it is one of the most important recreational areas of Göttingen, Germany. The 15 hectares big lake in the southwest at the border to Rosdorf is a good choice if you want to walk a nice round on a sunday afternoon. But you can also have a picnic there, take your kids to a playground or do water sports.

On the western side of the lake you’ll find a restaurant, a boat rental service and the houses of different clubs offering canoeing, sailing or rowing. In 2016 also two dragon boats of been brought here. In earlier days it was possible to surround the small island in the rear part of the lake by boat, now this is blocked for nature preservation.

The children’s playground donated by the local public housing company can be found at the east shore. In the south there is a connection to river Leine and an near-natural recreation area with a small river to explore. The Kiessee is always a good place to meet half of the city while strolling around and to relax a bit in the sun.

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