Der Kuhhirte

The Kuhhirte (cowherd) is a traditional German restaurant serving local dishes from northern Germany. It is located on the large river island (Werder) in the river Weser close to Bremen, Germany. The restaurant is not only a good location for lunch or for a beer in their beer garden – it also played an important role in the history of the city. On the February 4th, 1899 here the soccer club SV Werder Bremen was founded. That is also the reason why the club carries the Werder (meaning ‘river island‘) in its name.

Zum Kuhhirten, Bremen
Zum Kuhhirten, Bremen

In 2022 a group of fans collected money to set-up a commemorative plaque at this historic site and to print some ancient pictures remembering these old times. A very good idea and another good reason to visit this place on the Werder. If you want to get to the Zum Kuhhirten you can cross the Weser from the city center on the Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke und walk along the river to the south. Alternatively you can take the Sielwall ferry boat from the Osterdeich to the Café Sand, from there it is only a few minutes to walk.

Zum Kuhhirten
Kuhhirtenweg 7

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