The Filmladen (lit. ‘movie shop‘) is an arthouse cinema at the city quarter Vorderer Westen of Kassel, Germany. It was opened in 1981 and created by a student movie initiative. The resulting non-profit organization Verein Filmladen Kassel e. V. is still today operating this rather non-commercial cinema; and that’s amazing as the cinema shows all the films that you would never see in a multiplex cinema but are really worth being screened.

The Filmladen is located at the intersection of Querallee and Goethestraße. It is a rather small cinema with a small bar, but you should definitely give it a try. I was never disappointed when going there! Other small cinemas at Kassel are the Bali at the Kulturbahnhof and the Gloria at the Ständeplatz close to the city center.

Goethestraße 31
34119 Kassel

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