Museum für Komische Kunst

Need something to laugh? The Caricatura – Museum für Komische Kunst at Frankfurt am Main is a museum for comical art and exhibiting mainly cartoons with the intention to make the viewers laughing out loud. This special museum exists since 2008 and it is well-located in this city which has a long satiric history. The ground floor is used for changing exhibitions and while I was there cartoons by Klaus Stuttmann where shown, leading continuously back through time and German history and politics.

The upper floor is used for the permanent collection of the so-called Neue Frankfurter Schule (referring to the philosophical Frankfurter Schule of the 1930s). Artists exhibited are for example F. K. Waechter, Hans Traxler, Clodwig Poth, Robert Gernhardt, and F. W. Bernstein; all well known personalities, all of them also published by the German satiric magazine Titanic (‘TITANIC – Das endgültige Satiremagazin‘). Icon of the museum is an elk. That’s because F. W. Bernsteins motto was ‘Die schärfsten Kritiker der Elche / waren früher selber welche‘ (‘The harshest critics of moose / used to be moose themselves’). Don’t get it? Don’t worry…

Unfortunately the cartoons are mostly only in German – so if you don’t have a basic understanding of the German language you might be easily lost. The museum is located in the historic Leinwandhaus directly next to the cathedral of Frankfurt am Main . In addition to the Caricatura at Frankfurt am Main there is also a Caricatura gallery in the Kulturbahnhof of Kassel, Germany.

Caricatura – Museum für Komische Kunst
Weckmarkt 17
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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