Gara de Nord

The most important transportation hub of București is located in the north of the city: the Gara de Nord. From its 13 tracks trains are going to all parts of the country and if you plan a trip to the Black Sea or to Transylvania this is your starting point. And even if you don’t want to travel by train it is worth to get here and watch the colorful trains coming and going, to observe people getting on and off. Standing at the tracks is like travelling back in time; some decades earlier German railway station looked the same.

The Gara de Nord also offers everything you need, from shops to coffee bars and restaurants. If you need a mailbox to drop your postcards: it is there. The station is a classic dead-end station, and it is also the best connection to the airport. A shuttle train connects the Gara de Nord directly with the Aeroportul Internațional Henri Coandă and in this special case you can buy tickets on board. Normally you need to buy them at a desk in the station or online with CFR Călători. Tickets always include a seat reservation. The Gara de Nord is connected to the metro system (just walk out of the main entrance and you’ll see the escalators) – lines M1 und M3 stop there.

Gara de Nord

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