Attached to the parliament

Never did I search so hard for the entrance to a museum than in case of the Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană at București, Romania. It is located inside the giant parliament building (Palatul Parlamentului) which is well-secured and there is only one public entrance which brings you to the museum. But it is the only chance to enter the fantastic yet maniac Ceaușescu building and even if it would be only for the views from the roof terrace it would be worth it.

The MNAC is a contemporary art museum opened in 2001. It has an own collection of contemporary art but also features changing exhibitions. While I was visiting there was also an exhibition of cars from Soviet times in front of the museum. Let yourself be surprised what happens on your visit! The entrance is located south of the parliament building at Calea 13 Septembrie, the bus stop is called Casa Academiei.

Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană (MNAC)
Palatul Parlamentului
Calea 13 Septembrie

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