Life at the village

The national village museum (Muzeul Național al Satului) of București is an open-air museum founded in 1936. It is named after one of the three founders, Dimitrie Gusti, a professor, and minister of education. On 100,000 m2 you can see more than 250 authentic houses and farms from the different regions of Romania. It is interesting to see the different styles of the buildings which you can discover from the outside and inside.

The museum is located on the grounds of the Parcul Herăstrău and the Palatul Elisabeta, a former royal palace, is part of the area. You can access the museum from the south (Aleea Michael Jackson) when you’re coming through the Herăstrău park. The main entrance is located in the west next to Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff. End there is also an entrance in the north next to the Hard Rock Café where you can also buy some food from food stands next to the water of Lacul Herăstrău.

Muzeul Național al Satului “Dimitrie Gusti”

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