Is it possible to see the Harz mountains from Göttingen? Not always, but sometimes. The Brocken is 60 kilometers afar, but from the Harzblick tower you’ve got a fair chance. The 35 meters high tower is located near the Mackenröder Spitze in the forest of the city. It was first built in 1897 and had to be rebuilt more than once. In 2021 it was refurbished again and from its top you can see the Seeburger See and the Gleichen – and on good days also the Harz mountains.

If you want to get there you can pass through the forest from the Kerstlingeröder Feld. You will have to take some inclination, but it is much better than getting up from Mackenrode or Waake underneath: next to the tower you will find very steep cliffs. The current location is by the way not the original one. The tower was first located directly at the Mackenröder Spitze und was accompanied by a small restaurant – it had to move because of a military base created there in 1970.


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