If you’re living in Göttingen it is impossible to not know what the musa is. The biggest sociocultural center of the region has a history already dating back to the year 1977 and it is located since 1990 in the former military bakery at the Hagenweg, west of river Leine. This part of Göttingen is not the most popular one to live at, but the musa was always a good reason to cross the river and enjoy concerts there.

And the musa is not only a place for concerts and other events – it is also home to many artists and a lot of bands. This year I went there for a nice concert of Thees Uhlmann, one of the few that could happen during the pandemic. It was outside and a seated concert, but at least it was a concert! And I really enjoy the alternative atmosphere at the musa with self-built outdoor furniture and a small bar outside for a small and safe summer party in strange times.

Kulturzentrum musa

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