Schloß Pyrmont

The most impressive building at Bad Pyrmont is the Baroque-style castle from the 18th century located in a well-protected fortification dating back to the 16th century CE. It was used as a summer residence, but you can also find traces of war as it was besieged and conquered multiple times, even by Swedish troops. Still today the fortification is impressive with a wide moat, high walls, and a long bridge over which you can reach the castle. The tunnel leading you inside has a specialty; it is bended so that nobody can shoot inside. Throughout the castle grounds you can find many chambers and passages to discover.

Today the castle contains a history museum and an area used for concert and theatre performances. From its walls you’ve got fantastic views on the Japanese garden and the palm garden of the Kurpark. At daytime you can enter the castle grounds for free and discover this wonderful place.

Castle owner for a day

If you want to stay overnight, you can book a cube hotel there from a provider called Sleeperoo. The cube is located on the casemates (the place where cannons where formerly placed) and next to the castle building. It is the best Sleeperoo location I’ve booked so far: next to the cube you’ll not only find a table and chairs to sit outside – there is also the Kavalierhaus with good toilets and electricity. You’ll receive a key for this building and for the castle gate (it’s great to come home and open the iron gate to your castle! 😉 ). When all others have left, you’ll have the complete area for your own. I recommend having a picnic at the bastion with excellent views on the palm garden!

Schloß Pyrmont
Schloßstraße 13
31812 Bad Pyrmont

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