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Christiansborg castle was once the seat of the Danish royal family in København. First fortifications at this place date back to the year 1167, it became the seat of Christian VI. after it was built in rococo style in 1736. Only 58 years later in 1794 a fire destroyed the building and the royals shifted their home to Amalienborg castle. Today it is the only representational building in the world that combines all three supreme powers: legislative, judicative and executive.

It is home to the parliament (called Folketing), the high court and the prime minister – and it also contains the staterooms where the queen welcomes foreign guests. If they are not needed by her majesty you can have a look at the pomp of the royal family. You can walk unguided through the vast reception rooms but you need to cover your shoes with plastic covers provided at the entrance. I would have expected something more fashionable when visiting the queen… Another good reason to come to Christiansborg is the Folketing tower. An elevator brings you up to a platform with stunning views on the city centre.

Prins Jørgens Gård 1
1218 København

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