Round residence

If you’re interested in Danish monarchy Amalienborg castle is (next to Rosenborg and Christiansborg) one of the stops you should make in København. It is a combination of four rococo style palaces surrounding an octagonal square and it is the city residence of the Danish queen. In its centre, you’ll find a statue of King Frederick V. – the founder of Amalienborg and when the royal family is present the changing of the guards’ ceremony takes place here at high noon.

The castle was initially planned for four noble families (Schack, Moltke, Levetzau, Brockdorff) – therefore the structure of the place. But when Christiansborg burned down in 1794 the royal family acquired the place and settled down here. One of the four buildings can be visited today and you can learn about the royal family and see some pomp and glory – especially a Fabergé collection.

Amalienborg Slot
Amalienborg Slotsplads 5
1257 København K

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