In some cities across the globe, you can buy tourist packages that often include public transport, entrance fees to museums and other sights and discounts at shops and restaurants. I didn’t expect to find such an offer at Երևան, Armenia, but I dramatically underestimated the tourism industry in Armenia (focussed mostly on Russian tourists). The YerevanCard is a comprehensive package giving you everything you need for a stay in the city. You can order it only and then collect it at tourist offices in the city.

When I did so the tourist office contact me via WhatsApp and offered to book tours within and outside of the city for me. Even during my trip I was contacted and asked if everything was fine – I never felt so well prepared during a trip to a new country like in Armenia. With the YerevanCard you’ll have free access to 40 museums and places of interest, you can use public transport and join guided tours. The package also includes a SIM card for your phone giving you 200 MB per day which is not much – but there is Wifi at many places and I needed the data connection mostly for ordering taxis.

If you want to book trips to places outside of Երևան (and you sure want to!) the YerevanCard gives you discounts. There is also a smartphone app that provides you with a list and all the necessary information about places you might want to visit in the city. You can purchase it for one, two, three days or with unlimited time. It costs 29 / 37 / 44 or 51 USD and I found it to be worth that price. You can retrieve it at the office in 2 Abovyan street (Jan Armenia) or at the post offices (Haypost) at Republic square or the Zvartnots airport.

After the activation of the card in one of the offices, it needs some minutes until you can first use it. I went straight to the subway and the card was rejected – I was just too fast. Sometimes the staff in museums had problems with the card readers and where unable to validate the card – but that never caused a problem for me.

Երևան, Հայաստան
Yerevan, Armenia

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