Latenight zoo

Going to the zoo at Madrid, Spain can be a special experience. While zoological gardens most often close in the late afternoon this one is open at least until 8:30pm, three times a week it is open until midnight. That’s because of the high temperatures that make a visit during daytime less nice. Therefore you can have a visit in the dark, see animals in slightly enlighted environments and have a very late dinner there.

Visiting the zoo is rather expensive: the price per adult is 24 Euros. But therefore you can visit a good zoological garden with a beautiful aquarium. It is one of the few zoos that have great pandas and here I saw something I’ve never seen before: the zoo has dolphins – and there is also a show at 11pm. Currently the zoo is home to 6000 animals of 500 species on 20 hectares. And then there are also some guests you can see especially at night: rabbits roaming the area freely and a vast group of bats flying around.

The zoological garden of Madrid exists since 1770 and was first based in the El Retiro park. Since 1972 the new zoo facilities at Casa de Campo exist. Most visitors seem to reach the zoo by car. You can also reach it by public transport: just take metro line 10 to Casa de Campo. But then you’ll have to walk quite a distance along a road or take an abbreviation by walk through a dark olive tree forest – a bit scary.

Madrid Zoo Aquarium
Casa de Campo s/n
28011 Madrid

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