If you had enough hustle and bustle in the city of Madrid, Spain than the Parque del Retiro might be your ideal safe haven. And that is what Retiro means: retreat. It is a giant park close to the city center and it was originally a garden for the royal family. After the end of the reign of Isabell II in 1868 it became a park for the people which is still today – on weekends complete families get here to relax. Most iconic is the artificial lake Estanque del Retiro on which you can row a boat.

Around this lake different coffee bars and restaurants offer refreshements and next to it a wonderful memorial for Alfonso XII of Spain is located. Some meters further ahead through the park you can find the nice Palacio de Cristal which is designed after the Crystal Palace of London, England. You can also find an observatory used as an astronomy museum and some art exhibitions. A special memorial is the Angel Caído – a statue for the fallen angel or better said for Lucifer. It is one of the few memorials for the ruler of hell and was created inspired by the poem Paradise Lost (John Milton). The Retiro is a wonderful place for some relaxing minutes and hours.

Parque de El Retiro
Plaza de la Independencia, 7
28001 Madrid

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