Skyline bar

I really love sky bars as they combine good drinks with good views, give you the chance for a nice picture of the city and you can really enjoy sundown. At Rīga, Latvia you just have to leave the old town in direction of the freedom monument, pass the orthodox church and than you’ll already see the hotel Latvia, belonging to the Radisson hotel chain. The old skyscraper is the highest building in that area and therefore the best spot for a bar like this.

Sky bar at Hotel Latvia, Rīga
Sky bar at Hotel Latvia, Rīga

You can just walk into the hotel and take any lift to the 26th floor. If your lucky you can get a table on the side towards the city center. If not: already the toilets have brilliant views on the city. 😉 At the sky bar they serve high-quality cocktails that are worth the high prize. I tried a variation of Aperol Sprizz in which the Aperol has been replaced with liquor and herbs from the Baltic region; delicious and a nice idea!

Skyline bar
Hotel Latvia
Elizabetes iela 55
Centra rajons
Rīga, LV-1010

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