Tallinn zoo

The loomaaed (zoo) of Tallinn, Estonia is located a little bit outside of the city center close to the big shopping mall ‘Rocca al mare‘. It is a large area with many animals and a zoological garden undergoing a slow remake. There are a lot of old and empty cages, climbing elements for the animals made of concrete and often a high distance between visitors and animals – but also a lot of new buildings and areas beautifully designed.

Old and new are standing next to each other and the worst compartments are not used anymore. Throughout the area you will find small coffee bars, restaurants and icecream shops as well as a playground. It is not the best and not the worst zoo in eastern Europe and you can definitely spend a nice day with kids here. Directly in front of the zoo entrance there is a bus stop with many lines stopping there and bringing you to the different parts of the city.

Tallinna Loomaaed
Tallinn Zoo
Paldiski maantee 145
13522 Tallinn

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