In the Baltic states food markets (‘turge‘) still play an important role. In Germany most people buy fruits, vegetables, meat, cheese and fish at supermarkets and going to a farmer’s market is rather a fun activity for weekends. Here it seems to be still part of everyday live. Throughout Tallinn, Estonia you can find different markets – one of the newest and most modern is the one directly next to the Balti Jaam railway station.

The modern market hall next to the railway tracks is open all the day and also includes coffee bars. Outdoors you will find different sections where the people offer fruits like strawberries, blueberries and also wood strawberries. A can’t image which effort it takes to collect these small berries in these large numbers – but they make a good snack while exploring the city.

Balti Jaam Turg
Kopli 1
10412 Tallinn

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