Occupation & freedom

Estonia is a young state gaining independence only in 1990. In the past it was occupied three times by Germans (1941-1944) and Soviets (1940-1941, 1944-1990) – independence and having an own state is therefore of big importance for Estonians. What occupation means and what chances and challenges freedom creates is discussed in the Okupatsioonide ja vabaduse muuseum (VABAMU) – the museum of occupations and freedom at Tallinn, Estonia.

It was opened in 2003 and is located not far away from the castle at Toompea street. There you get equipped with an audio guide and take the tour through time. But not the historic events are at the focus of the museum, but the people and how their lives changed because of occupation and freedom. It is not a vast museum but one that is worth visiting to better understand the people in this wonderful and now free country.

Okupatsioonide ja vabaduse muuseum
Museum of Occupations and Freedom
Toompea 8
10142 Tallinn


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