From the year 1880 to the year 1936 basalt was gathered at a quarry named ‘Igelsburg‘ (after a former wooden castle close-by) in the Habichtswald near Kassel, Germany. It existed there because of volcanic activity millions of years ago. Basalt was in the past used for buildings like the Herkules monument or the Löwenburg castle – but it is an imperfect material that deteriorates fast. As there was no need for the quarry anymore the area filled with water and a new lake was created: the Silbersee (‘silver lake’).

Near the lake you can find a protective hut and benches. This area can be rented to have a barbecue. In addition, there is also a camping area next to the lake that is pretty cheap and offers nearly no facilities – but it has a good location! If you get here have a stop at the Waldgaststätte Silbersee; it is only a simple restaurant but has a very nice beergarden.


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