Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

The best preserved nuraghe on Sardegna is the complex Su Nuraxi de Barùmini near Barumini, Italy. Therefore it became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997 – the only one on the island. The fortification is linked to the Bonnanaro culture dating back to 2200 BCE. It was destroyed in 600 BCE by the Punics.

Today you can visit the nuraghe by joining a guided tour. On metal stairs it’s possible to climb the tower that is today still 14 meters high. They area around the building is rather bald and the place is good for archaeology but not so beautiful. Next to the nuraghe you will find sufficient parking lots and good infrastructure. Combine your visit with a trip to the nearby highlights Giara di Gesturi or Parco Sardegna in miniatura.

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi
09021 Barumini Medio Campidano
Sardegna, Italy

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