Nuraghe Arrubiu

You can find more than a handful of nuraghe on the island of Sardegna – but the biggest one is the Nuraghe Arrubiu near Orroli, Italy dating back to the 15th century BCE (really!). It is an ancient fortification with one central and five secondary towers. It was partially destroyed in the 9th century BCE.

During Roman times (3rd century BCE) the building was restored and used for producing wine. It is therefore not as original as for example the nuraghe Su Nuraxi at Barumini. Therefore it can be visited without a guided tour which seems to better for smaller children. You can walk around the ruin and enter the building at two parts.

I found this nuraghe to be much more beautiful than the UNESCO world heritage site at Barumini as it is surrounded by grass, yellow flowers and olive trees. The stones are partially covered by yellow plants and moos – it is a wonderful image when you reach the place.

On arrival you have to park your car and buy tickets at a central building that includes the ticket office, a souvenir shop a bar and rest rooms. We also played some table soccer there. From this place you’ll have to walk some meters to reach the nuraghe. Make sure to take the translation of the signs placed around the nuraghe with you – you can get it at the ticket office and have to return it afterwards.

Nurraghe Arrubiu
Località Nuraghe Arrubiu
08030 Orroli
Sardegna, Italy

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