IKEA museum

Who doesn’t know the do-it-yourself furniture company IKEA? Some of us use their products during the whole life. IKEA in fact is an abbreviation for Ingvar Kamprad from Elmtaryd near Agunnaryd and that named place is near Älmhult, Sweden where you today find an IKEA hotel as well as an IKEA museum.

The museum shows how and why IKEA was created and why the company started to sell products that you have to assemble at home. During the exhibition you will see some old things that you have bought and used in the past. They also have changing exhibitions, a creativity room (where you can create things), a shop to spend a lot of money and a restaurant with the well-known food.

In some parts the museum is interactive and suitable for children. You can put yourself on the cover of the current IKEA catalogue and immediately take a picture with you and there are some things to play with. It’s a nice stop if you’re passing by.

IKEA museum
Ikeagatan 5
343 36 Älmhult


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