The Söderåsen Nationalpark near Klippan, Sweden was a very positive surprise for us. It was a recommendation from a guidebook but we didn’t know what to expect and whether it would be a good idea to go there while the temperature was so high. But it was!

Next to the road you can park your car on a large space and next to it you’ll find a toilet, a Naturum (nature museum) and a self-service restaurant with good views on a nice lake. They hand out maps with the things you can do: visit an old vulcano, climb on top of a mountain to enjoy nice views on the valleys or hike on different paths.

We selected a valley where you could walk on wooden paths along a nice river. That was fun for our youngest one and very relaxing because the temperatures in the valley and near the water were really enjoyable. Two hours were gone really fast. The nature there is beautiful and astonishing – large fields of rocks, old trees that are left there like in a virgin forest. Next time in Sweden we should visit more of these places.

Söderåsen Nationalpark
Skäralid, Ljungbyhed

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