Swimming elk

The Älgpark at Målilla, Sweden is a special one: it is run by a family and is therefore also very family-friendly and you cannot drive through by car or be driven through in a bus. Instead you walk on a path along and around the habitats of three elk families. It is therefore a bit harder to get in direct touch with the animals – but therefore you can also see them swimming.

Important to know is that at 11am and at 3pm the animals get food and the owner than does a guided tour – you should definitely be there at one of these two times. He brings a huge amount of branches with a quad, gets the animals close to you and gives explanations. The walk is around 1 km long.

At the entrance you already get some branches and leaves to feed elk own your own. In addition they have a nice playground with goats and rabbits where you can easily spend time before the tour starts. At the entrance you can also get drinks and ice cream. They also have a souvenir shop with nice items.

Målilla Älgpark / Målilla Elk Park
570 82 Målilla


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