I can’t remember why we started to talk about the supersonic plane Concorde – but after I stated that there is one of these planes in Sinsheim, Germany we immediately searched for an opportunity to travel there and our youngest one started to count the days. As a homebase I booked an away home in the beautiful Schilderhäuschen in Neckargemünd close to the river Neckar.

From there we first went to the Auto- und Technikmuseum Sinsheim and climbed into the Concorde and the Tupolew Tu-144, the two only supersonic planes built in series. We also took the chance to visit friends in Bad Schörnborn which was also close-by. A wonderful and interesting day!

The next morning we went to Speyer and first took a look at the Sealife aquarium. After that we explored the Technikmuseum Speyer which belongs to the one in Sinsheim but shows submarines, ships and a section about space traveling. Unfortunately we didn‘t have the chance to see the Dom – but I‘m willing to come back to see this fantastic building from the inside.

Neckargemünd / Sinsheim / Speyer

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