Bella Bollywood

I received some recommendations for an Indian eatery in the center of Göttingen, Germany. At first I was wondering about the name: Bella Bollywood. Now I know it is because they are offering Indian and Italian food – besides the classic Schnitzel and chicken nuggets.

The Bella Bollywood is just a small eatery with few seats in the Nikolaistraße which was in the past mostly known as a home for the discotheque eins.B and the Grüner Libanon serving great falafel. And for young people drinking too much before they go dancing on weekends.

On the menu card you can find some nice starters including a smooth paneer pakora (fried cheese) and several good lamb and chicken dishes for a very reasonable price. It is definitely a place to drop in again – also because of the very friendly owner.

Bella Bollywood
Nikolaistraße 9
37073 Göttingen

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