Sealife highway 

I love to visit zoological gardens and aquariums but I need to exclude Sealife from this. Recently I visited the one at the Legoland in Günzburg and now I took a look at the one at Speyer, Germany. And there are many more on the globe and in Germany. They all seem to look very similar and there is always only one path on which you are pushed through the exhibition.

A gate opens, you get into a small area where a film is shown, the next gate opens and the whole crowd moves forward. In the end there is a shop and a cafeteria. In between you can try to catch a glimpse on different sections concerning life in rivers, lakes and seas. And there are a lot of educational items telling you a lot for example about the pollution of water.

The idea of Sealife is great and protecting animals is worth the entrance fee for me – but this all too commercial and streamlined. We were focused on collecting stamps to receive a small gift for our child at the end (which was tough work – only for a cheap wristband). And: there are so wonderful plush animals looking absolutely real – why would a want to buy a shark with a backpack and a compass? There are much better alternatives to this aquarium.

Im Hafenbecken 5
67346 Speyer

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