In every party night in Göttingen, Germany there comes the point in time where they play the last song in your favorite disco and you still don’t want to go home. In my youth we typically grabbed a kebab at Efes and took the last drink at the only suitable destination for that: the Déjà-vû. Today as I learned there is also the Sonderbar for that, but that’s not my story.

The Déjà-vû is a rather shabby place in the city center that opens at 8 pm and closes at 8 am – giving you the possibility to turn the night into day. Best option at that time is having a Hemingway sour made of gin, grenadine, lemon and orange juice. During my bachelor party we took the route from the Timberjacks via Thanners and the Tangente to the Déjà, as the locals name it. And for sure it was the best option to end the night.

Düstere Straße 31
37073 Göttingen

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