Bittersweet symphony

Let’s face it: the Tangente has already seen its best days – but the club is still worth a visit. The fact that the kids nowadays rather gather at the EinsB, the Savoy or the JT-Keller might also be an advantage – leaving back a relaxed crowd on the dancefloor.

The Tangente is located at the Goetheallee, halfway between the railway station and the city center. After a short tunnel you’ll find an elevated dancefloor with a huge mirror and a chill-out zone with tabletop soccer and a billiard table. In the past the most famous party was the bittersweet “Zartbitterparty” – but you can experience different musical eras in rotation right now.

Even if I don’t spend as many nights here as when I was young, I sometimes return to the place where DJs deeply engraved German and international indie rock into my musical DNA. Don’t arrive here before midnight unless you’ll intend to have the dancefloor for your own.

Goethe-Allee 8A
37073 Göttingen

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