Landcafé Gollart

When we were at Uslar, Germany and looking for something to eat I remembered that many years ago I was at the local Bergbräu brewery and they had a good restaurant. But I found no information on the Internet. The first search result was a place briefly named Gollart – the locals’ short name for the Landcafé im Gasthaus Gollart.

It is located outside Uslar in a village called Kammerborn – and it is one of these places flooded by retired people on a Sunday afternoon to eat some cake. We went there and enjoyed the sun on their great outdoor terrace – with views on the valley and some donkeys next to it.

They have a menu with lots of cake on it, but also some hearty meals. Good food, nicely decorated. And they serve the largest and best “Toast Hawaii” I’ve ever seen; a meal from the early days of German TV cuisine originally presented by Clemens Wilmenrod. A piece of toast with a slice of pineapple and cheese, normally topped with a cherry – in the 1950s the expression of the German desire to see the world.

Landcafé im Gasthaus Gollart
Sollingstraße 19
37170 Uslar

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