Butterflies & shabby chic

I don’t know too many reasons to get to the small town of Uslar in Germany. It is not the most beautiful place on earth but it offers one speciality you don’t see that often: a butterfly park. From April to October you can be surrounded by huge tropical butterflies and enjoy another climate zone: the place was heated at the time of our visit to 29 degrees Celsius.

Because of that it is not a place to stay in for hours, but it is really nice to walk around between the plants and search for the most wonderful species. They also have a tiny gift shop and a cafeteria. Next to it you can find a barefoot path and the local swimming pool.

I remember being here maybe 20 years ago and already then the building seemed unfinished. And even today it has this kind of shabby look – but that doesn’t destroy the fun of watching these beautiful animals flying around. You can even come back multiple times a year as the species change during the months.

Alaris-Schmetterlingspark Uslar
Zur Schwarzen Erde 9
37170 Uslar


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