Ura e gurit, Prizren

The name Prizren still triggers memories of the Kosovo war in my head. If you get close to it you immediatly see its beauty: with the high mountains in the background carrying the Kalaja fortress that protected the city located at an important trade route from Albania to the Kosovo Polje. In the center there is the fantastic mosque Xhamia e Sinan Pashës located at the river Lumbardhi. An ancient bridge made of rock – the Ura e Gurit – spans the river and minded my much of Sarajevo.

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Kalaja fortress, Prizren

The Kalaja fortress is located high above Prizren, Kosovo. Under its protection the city became an important trade city connecting Albania and its coasts with the Kosovo Polje. The medieval fortress was built in the 6th century CE on a place that was already used by earlier generations of the Illyrians and Romans. The terrace 200 meters above the city gives great views on the area.

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Xhamia e Sinan Pashës

Prizren, Kosovo

When coming to the city center of Prizren, Kosovo you cannot overlook the Xhamia e Sinan Pashës, the biggest and most beautiful mosque of the city. It is located close to the river Bistrica and the ancient stone bridge (Ura e gurit). It was built between 1608 and 1615; the main room is 14 x 14 meters large and therefore the biggest Osman mosque in Kosovo. To build the mosque stones from a former Christian cloister were recycled.

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